IBC is a global, peer-to-peer distributed data storage and sharing system. It builds a global distributed cloud computing platform through fragmented asymmetric encryption technology, decentralized storage network and point-to-point hypermedia distribution protocol technology. This platform will be faster, more economical, and more reliable than traditional cloud storage platforms. Fragmented storage provides the most basic guarantee for IBC's intelligent information exchange based on blockchain technology. Ultra-high download speed, coupled with extremely low transaction costs, higher privacy protection and the ability to maintain transparency. IBC is used in all aspects of life, such as high security, social video, payment, office, Internet, gaming and entertainment. Based on this, IBC will create a “smart city” on a global scale.

IBC security advantage

  • Data integrity of information is guaranteed by highly redundant database

  • Using the cryptography principle to verify the data and ensure that it can't be tampered

  • In terms of permission management, multi-private key rules are used to control access rights

  • The transaction data on the blockchain are all attached with the digital signature of the trader and cannot be forged

  • Secure boundary devices with authentication

  • Increased confidentiality and data integrity

  • Protect private messages

  • High download speed, high security

IBC overall framework

In IBC, the main chain is similar to bitcoin and ethereum in that it stores account books and asset information, such as status, transactions, receipts, and smart contracts. A main chain is good for storing small amounts of information because it is immutable. In order to support complex data structure and computing information, we proposed two side chains:

1. Data Side Chain (DSC) is established on the P2P distributed file storage system to store non-asset information 2. Computing Side Chain (CSC), different from bitcoin's hash mining (PoW), is designed to solve real business problems and supports specific Computing tasks of IBC virtual machine (DVM). The data side chain (DSC) and the computing side chain (CSC) communicate with the main chain through the IBC smart contract. In addition, the data side chain and the computing side chain can interact through three-in-one micro-services, including data and messages.

The IBC application

  • File fragmentation

    IBC forms a virtual storage device with scattered storage resources, Data is scattered and stored in every corner of the network, And can remain untamed forever

  • Encrypted chat

    In IBC, data is stored in a fragmented manner.And will be encrypted,Thereby protecting the network from hacking

  • payment system

    IBC's distributed network using blockchain technology,Can achieve cross-border remittance low cost or even zero cost,And can complete cross-border transfers at an extremely fast rate

  • High download speed

    In IBC, data downloads can reach 10G/sec,In other words, when the original network is better, you need to download 10G movies, which takes ten minutes.In IBC, it only takes a few seconds.

  • Games, office, entertainment

    Whether it's daily office software, mapping tools or high-performance games, etc.IBC can easily navigate,High-speed computing download capability, extremely fast data reading speed and powerful security features make the office easy and environmentally friendly

  • Public storage

    IBC delivers massive, secure, reliable, low-cost CDN cloud storage services,Users can use the IBC link network to store and access on the Internet,External hard disk device for flexible expansion of capacity and processing capacity

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