IBC token allocation

IBC is a decentralized distributed sharing system based on blockchain. To achieve this complex project, we designed a specific three-in-one architecture to manage the main chain, storage chain and computing side chains, and to provide incentives for agreement in the Byzantine environment.

Full name: information block chain
Number of issues: 1 billion
The distribution proportion
is as follows:
• 40% market circulation
• 30% for ecological mining
• 20% for sustainable development of the foundation
• 10% team

The IBC vision

IBC makes cloud storage decentralized. On this platform, you can store and extract various files without worrying about the privacy and security of your files. Let the IBC can endure long ordeal, really achieve zero accidents, IBC is committed to building ecological, safe storage based on the block chain, on the basis of reconstructing the foundation of the whole block chain safety. Let all of the network terminal node not only ACTS as the role of the Browser or Client, could serve as the network operators, everyone can be a server.